What are the advantages of aluminum alloy gravity casting process structure and performance

2020-01-09 09:42:18 153

In the process of gravity casting aluminum, due to the complex shape of the casting, its casting mold is also different. Even for the same part, different casting processes are used, and the mold shape is often different. However, the gravity casting die of aluminum alloy still has its common characteristics. When gravity casting aluminum alloy, it is necessary to choose the appropriate casting process. The quality of the casting process is directly related to the quality of the casting and the yield of the process. Some die manufacturing enterprises in China have begun to use solidification simulation technology for foundry process aided design. Through the computer simulation of the filling and solidification process, it is found that the hot-melt aluminum alloy casting is easy to find and overcome the casting defects, which is very important and effective in the debugging process to improve the reliability of the casting process design and effectively prevent the unnecessary repair of the mold.

The mould shall have good heat capacity. The thick mold base and the module meeting the requirements are not only the effective guarantee of the mold life, but also play a very important role in the adjustment of the temperature field in the continuous working process of the mold. The mould shall have more reliable cooling system and air extraction system. Through cooling, not only the productivity can be effectively increased, but also the temperature field and cooling speed of the casting can be adjusted, so as to affect the internal structure and grain size of the casting, and achieve the purpose of effectively controlling the casting energy of mechanical aluminum alloy casting.

As the name implies, air extraction is to manually discharge the air in the cavity out of the cavity, so as to reduce the possibility of producing porosity defects in castings. At the same time, the mold temperature of small area can be adjusted by increasing the vent plug, which is very important to prevent and overcome the cracking and shrinkage of aluminum alloy.

There must be a mold positioning device matching the casting machine and a convenient mold installation system. The positioning device is the key to ensure the casting size, reduce the fillet and burr, and also the key to ensure the normal operation of the casting machine. It can be said that the mold does not have a good positioning device, nor a good qualified casting.

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