How to pour aluminum castings?

2020-01-09 09:47:29 139

When pouring aluminum casting, the gate is coarser and easy to produce inclusions. How to pour aluminum casting? Let's learn from the aluminum casting manufacturers.

1. Large aluminum castings can be cast by one or two sets of gates, each of which consists of several finer gates.

2. When semi-metallic casting is used for top injection, funnel-shaped sprue can be set in key parts when the riser is inconvenient. With the continuous sinking of the horizontal surface of the sprue, multiple supplementary pouring can be carried out to achieve the effect of full pouring.

3. For large-scale aluminum castings with more diaphragms, it is very important to avoid casting defects and discharge the casting itself.

The above is what the aluminum casting manufacturer introduced to you. Thank you for checking the product information released by our company. If you want to know more, welcome to inquire!

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