What are the causes and solutions of cold insulation in aluminum alloy casting?

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The shape of the cold separator is the initial flow shape of the liquid. It's smooth and has a round edge. Therefore, in radiographs, the image is usually a band black line image with uniform width, no change and smooth. The width of the line looks larger, and black appears to change in the width direction. In aluminum die casting, the position of thermal insulation layer is usually far away from the inner gate. This is because when the aluminum alloy is cast, the metal flow is divided into several streams. The flow front of each billet is in the solidification state (called solidification front), but it is still in the filling state under the promotion of the later metal flow.

Casting aluminum alloy is to melt the metal into a liquid meeting certain requirements, and then pour it into the mold. After cooling, solidification and cleaning treatment, castings with the required shape, size and properties can be obtained. Casting is one of the basic processes in modern equipment manufacturing industry. So we have formally passed one casting technology after another to create products that are meaningful to our human beings. Although many things are very diverse, the theory seems very simple, but I believe you also know that it is very difficult in the actual operation process, so when we live a high-quality life, we can not do without these foundry workers. The basic principle to prevent the shrinkage of castings is to establish the correct casting process according to the shrinkage and solidification characteristics of the alloy, so as to establish a good feeding condition during the solidification process of the castings, and try to change the shrinkage into the shrinkage, so that the shrinkage appears at the final solidification of the castings. In this way, a certain size riser is placed at the final solidification of the casting, and the shrinkage cavity of the cast aluminum alloy is concentrated in the riser, or the gate is opened at the final solidification of the casting for direct feeding. In order to establish a good feeding condition in the solidification process, it is mainly through controlling the solidification direction of the casting to make the casting conform to the "directional solidification principle" or "synchronous solidification principle".

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