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What should be paid attention to when casting aluminum alloy?

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In the process of casting aluminum alloy, some problems can be avoided to the greatest extent by paying attention to the relevant problems. So what problems should be paid special attention to in the actual casting process? Now let's look at the specific precautions. I hope you know what to pay attention to after reading.

1. Before casting, the dummy's head must be placed in place and each part repaired and inspected. If any damage is found, it must be replaced or repaired in time.

2. If the graphite ring is damaged too much or cracks appear, it must be replaced in time.

3. Before aluminum alloy casting, it is necessary to check whether the equipment operates normally, whether the lubrication is in place, whether the wire rope is damaged and whether the switch is flexible.

4. Preheat convection tank and relevant casting tools. Remember to put the strainer in place when preheating.

5. After opening the drain hole, the plug must be replaced in time and the drain port must be closed to control the flow.

6. When casting aluminum alloy, it is necessary to wait until the relevant mold is filled with aluminum water before starting to work. Pay attention to control the speed and temperature during casting.

7. After the casting, stop the casting machine and then stop the water supply to ensure that all the aluminum water flows out.

These are the related problems in the process of casting aluminum alloy. Only by paying attention to these problems can we ensure that the quality of equipment or castings will not be affected by improper casting, and only in this way can we reduce the chance of rework.