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What are the requirements for casting aluminum alloy?

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If the quality of cast aluminum alloy wants to reach a relatively ideal state, it must be cast according to the requirements. In this case, what are the casting requirements for the production of these castings? Let's take a look at the specific requirements.

In terms of materials, it is required that the hardness of materials must be excellent and have strong tensile effect. At the same time, the elongation and impact toughness of the material must be guaranteed to achieve the expected effect in production.

Size requirement

Due to the different requirements of dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy in the casting of different workpieces, it is necessary to check whether the size can meet the corresponding grade requirements through various standards when using. If it does not meet the requirements, it can only be reworked and redone. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the dimensional requirements when casting.

There are different requirements for defects in the inspection and acceptance of defects. In the process of acceptance, defects are also very strict. However, it depends on the use environment. The common defects are mainly porosity, crack, shrinkage cavity and so on. The defect repair of aluminum alloy casting will inevitably produce defects. In order to ensure the normal use, the defect repair must be carried out when the defective workpiece is found. The common methods of defect repair are glue repair and welding repair.

The above is related to the requirements of cast aluminum alloy. During acceptance, no matter which aspect of the above does not meet the standard, it must be dealt with in time, otherwise it will inevitably affect the product life after entering the product.