What are the methods of casting aluminum alloy and how to check its quality?

2020-01-09 09:56:41 149

How to inspect the internal quality of aluminum casting manufacturers? In addition, will the quality of aluminum castings have a great impact on the performance of mechanical products?

1. What are the casting methods of aluminum castings? Compared with other casting methods, sand casting is a low cost, simple production process and short production cycle casting method. The main casting methods of aluminum and its alloy are sand casting, die casting, low pressure casting, precision casting and EPC.

2. How to detect the flaw detection method and internal quality of aluminum castings? The flaw detection methods of aluminum casting mainly include ultrasonic flaw detection, eddy current flaw detection, audio frequency flaw detection and ray detection, among which ray detection includes X-ray detection and γ ray detection. At the same time, it is also suitable for the detection of its internal quality. The surface can be inspected for small cracks by coloring and magnetic particle methods.

3. Does the quality of aluminum casting have a great influence on the properties of mechanical products? It can be said that the answer is yes, because in machine tools, the wear resistance and dimensional stability of aluminum castings will affect the machining accuracy and service life of machine tools. The strength and durability of aluminum casting have a great influence on the service life of engine.

For aluminum castings, the above three issues are very important, because they are basic knowledge, we have a comprehensive understanding of this product, so the aluminum casting manufacturers remind you to take them seriously. To master these, it is also very helpful for its practical application, at least to improve the use effect and avoid some mistakes.

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