What are the production precautions of gravity cast aluminum?

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Gravity casting aluminum is a common casting method in production. Its casting requirements are very strict. The aluminum castings produced are naturally very good in all respects. It is suitable for mechanical equipment and some precision instruments with good wear resistance and practicability. Gravity casting and low pressure casting are two different casting processes. Today we are going to talk about the hidden danger of gravity casting. Gravity casting aluminum is a different casting process from die casting. The application scope and field of the process are also different. Aluminum is a very stable solid material. Using aluminum casting can make the equipment run more smoothly. Parts of machines and equipment, as well as parts of airplanes and trains, are cast. Guangxu is a professional casting manufacturer specializing in aluminum casting, gravity casting, sand casting, low-pressure casting and excellent product quality. If you need, please contact us.

First of all, the workshop must take fire prevention measures, because once the red casting and splashed molten iron contact with human body, they will be scalded; once they contact with inflammable and explosive materials, the consequences are unimaginable. However, if there is a little carelessness in the production process, there may be molten metal scald. If you don't touch the warm casting of high gravity casting, you will also be scalded. In our gravity casting aluminum process, the mechanical equipment also has the correct operation, in order to avoid the wrong or abnormal operation accidents. In the process of operation of cleaning equipment for Castings in China's foundry industry, protection work should be done to prevent dust from harming human body. In addition, there are damage caused by high temperature and thermal radiation, as well as damage caused by noise pollution.

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