How to mend defects in cast aluminum alloy

2020-01-09 10:14:12 432

When defects inevitably appear in the processing of aluminum alloy castings, it is necessary to choose appropriate methods to deal with the defects, because only by dealing with the defects, can we ensure that the products will not be reworked due to quality problems, how to repair these defects?

If some castings are relatively simple and extensive to be repaired with casting glue, special processing is not required when repairing is needed. However, there shall be no hardness requirements. In this case, the casting glue can be used normally.

Welding repair

This method is a method chosen by many foundries to improve the defects in the casting process. In the welding repair process, they often choose metal filler to meet the welding repair requirements. However, in the process of welding repair, the base metal must meet the standards, and this method itself is very simple to operate, and the quality will be better after welding, so naturally realize, then, what are the methods of casting aluminum alloy welding repair? The common methods are electric welding repair, argon arc welding repair and cold welding repair. Of course, there are also welding machines. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when manufacturers choose, they need to find the most suitable welding repair method.

The above are the relevant methods of defect repair of aluminum alloy castings. Different workpieces need different repair methods. Therefore, friends who need to repair castings only need to choose appropriate repair methods according to the situation. If they don't know which method to choose to improve the defect, they can also consult a professional seller.

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