What are the requirements for the production conditions of cast aluminum alloy?

2020-01-09 10:20:33 77

If the aluminum alloy produces stronger products, the casting conditions must be met when casting. What are the requirements of these casting aluminum alloy production conditions? If there are reasonable production requirements, what kind of effect can be achieved? Let's see.

1. In the solidification process of aluminum alloy products, the hydrogen content must be reasonable. If the content exceeds the solubility, bubbles may appear. If bubbles cannot float, pores will appear during solidification. Therefore, the hydrogen content must meet the requirements.

2. In order to ensure the smooth production, the choice of mold is very important. When selecting the mold, we should pay attention to whether the process parameters are correct, because the process parameters and mold design will directly affect the overall production effect, so we should not only pay attention to the selection of the mold, but also pay attention to the determination of the process parameters. Only in this way, can the casting meet the needs better in the actual production process.

Because the product strength of cast aluminum alloy is stronger than that of other casting methods, it will be lighter in the same size, so it is particularly popular in the market. Defects exist, if any, such castings must be reworked before being put into production, otherwise the overall life of the product may be reduced.


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