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Aluminum alloy casting and sand casting are two popular casting methods at present. Some say they don't know the difference between the two casting methods. Therefore, today we will take a look at the relevant situation of these two casting methods of aluminum alloy, and hope that you can have a correct understanding of these two casting methods after reading.

Let's look at the aluminum alloy casting. Generally, the metal mold is selected, and there must be a special die casting machine during production. When the molten aluminum alloy enters the mold, it needs to be pressure maintaining treatment. Therefore, the surface of aluminum alloy castings made by this method looks very comfortable, so this casting method can be used for casting complex or precision parts, and this casting method is increasingly recognized by the market.

So what is the meaning of sand casting? This kind of casting method generally uses wood mold as the mold. Pour the molten metal directly into the mold, fill the metal with its fluidity, and take out the finished product after cooling. This method is suitable for manufacturing parts with low precision or relatively rough. Although the method of casting metal parts is not common at present, it is indispensable in many aspects.

The above is related to the difference between casting aluminum alloy and sand casting. The two casting methods are different in their own situations. Therefore, when choosing the casting method of the part, you only need to choose the method that is really suitable for you to cast the part.