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We all know that there may be cracks in the process of casting aluminum alloy, but many people don't know the cause of cracks. So today, we have identified two main causes of the cracks. Let's look at the causes of the two cracks.

1. Cracks appear during casting. In the actual process of aluminum alloy casting, it needs to be rationalized by high-temperature treatment. In the process of high-temperature treatment, the probability of cracks is greater. The greater half of the probability is the alloy with larger volume and shrinkage or some castings with more complex shapes. Therefore, in the process of discount casting, attention should be paid to temperature control to avoid cracks as much as possible.

2. Cracks produced during heat treatment. When heat treatment is carried out, cracks may be produced due to excessive heat treatment, which may lead to cracks. Generally speaking, the cracks are transgranular cracks, and the castings prone to such cracks are generally alloys with high stress and thermal expansion coefficient. Once the alloy cools too fast in the cooling process, it is prone to supercooling. There are two basic reasons for the crack of aluminum alloy during pouring. If you want your enterprise to reduce the possibility of cracks after casting production, you must pay attention to the way and method in the process of casting aluminum alloy, and pay more attention to heat treatment. Once there are cracks, you have to fix them before putting them on the market