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Cast aluminum alloy

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Casting aluminum alloy process


In the process of casting aluminum alloy, if the casting has defects, repair welding must be carried out, and repair welding is a common method, then what are the methods of repair welding? Today, three kinds of common welding repair schemes are sorted out to see how these three kinds of welding repair schemes are respectively.

First of all, the welding repair of electric welding machine has the advantages of high efficiency in repairing some large defects. The disadvantage is that the hardness of the welded joint after welding is relatively high, and it is also easy to generate internal stress. This is the reason why the problem is easy to occur because of the cracks. At this time, annealing treatment is needed.

Secondly, argon arc welding is the most commonly used welding repair method for aluminum alloy castings, and it is also a welding repair method selected by some mold manufacturers and repair manufacturers. Its advantages are high efficiency and high precision. There are many kinds of welding wires to choose from. However, it may be a small defect in the repair process due to the large impact force. If the steel is welded, hard spots may appear after welding.

Third, cold welding repair. This is a new repair method. The heat generated in the process of welding repair is very small, which has become a widely used method of welding repair. The above is related to the welding repair method of cast aluminum alloy. Among the three welding repair methods, cold welding repair is a relatively perfect one. However, this welding repair method also has high requirements for technical personnel, so friends who want to buy cold welding machines must ensure that employees can operate them.