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Which is the best way to cast aluminum alloy


In the casting process of aluminum alloy castings, various defects will inevitably appear. If there is any defect, it shall be handled in time. However, to a certain extent, choosing appropriate solutions can avoid the occurrence of defects. What measures should be taken to avoid the occurrence of defects in cast aluminum alloy?

1. Porosity. In order to avoid the problem of porosity, it is necessary to ensure that no air is inhaled during the pouring process. Impurities and bubbles in the alloy liquid must be filtered out before entering the casting cavity.

2. Pinhole. When the alloy is in a liquid state, all gases in it must be removed. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the solidification speed is increased during the solidification process and avoid gas escaping from the alloy.

3. Contraction. Suitable pouring system and pouring position shall be designed and the liquid shall be solidified to reduce the possibility of shrinkage cavity.

4. Relax. In order to ensure the solidification sequence and make the relevant feeding measures, the furnace charge should be cleaned as much as possible, and some cold iron should be placed in the loose place.

5. Cracks. In order to avoid the occurrence of cracks, it is necessary to ensure the correct solidification sequence, reduce the internal stress and select the appropriate pouring temperature.

The above is the method to avoid casting defects of aluminum alloy. In order to avoid the trouble of relative defects, the correct pouring method must be mastered. In addition, when purchasing aluminum alloy parts, the buyer shall pay special attention to check whether the above defects exist. If any, please return to the factory for repair in time.