Application of cast aluminum alloy

发布日期:2020-01-10 09:18:03

When casting aluminum alloy workpieces, it is inevitable that they do not meet the requirements of relevant standards. Therefore, if you want to check and accept the workpiece, you must know what the relevant workpiece standard is, and know how to cast the workpiece that really meets the standard requirements. Let's have a look.

Standard requirements for aluminum alloy castings

When accepting the workpiece, check whether its size and parameters meet the requirements, and whether the product has defects, bubbles and other problems. If any of the above problems occur, they must be returned to the factory for treatment before they can continue to be used. Otherwise, the normal use of the product may be affected by the use of the workpiece because the workpiece does not meet the use requirements.

The casting requirements of aluminum alloy are as follows:

1. The gating system of the selected casting equipment must be accurate and the exhaust performance of the system must be better. Not only that, but also to make the workpiece easier to disassemble, maintenance and installation more convenient.

2. When choosing casting aluminum alloy equipment, we should make sure that the selected equipment is as simple as possible, which can not only meet the needs of processing and manufacturing, but also control the cost well, so as to ensure that the production capacity is improved while the investment is reduced.

3. When selecting the equipment, it is necessary to select the equipment that can guarantee the temperature for a long time and is not easy to cause deformation of the equipment or workpiece.

Relevant contents of standards and requirements for aluminum alloy castings. The casting method has the advantages of small size, light weight and outstanding strength. Therefore, this casting method will be more and more recognized by the market.

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