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When casting aluminum alloy, some basic requirements cannot be violated, because once these basic requirements are violated, the effect of casting aluminum alloy will be greatly affected. In this case, what are the basic requirements? Let's understand the needs together.

First of all, before use, it is necessary to ensure that the pouring system and riser of the equipment are correct, because only these two aspects are normal, can more qualified workpieces be cast in the actual casting.

Secondly, to ensure that the shape, size and quality of castings must meet the relevant technical requirements, otherwise it may lead to scrap and rework of castings.

Third, in order to ensure the good exhaust performance of the equipment, and to ensure that the internal castings can be taken out in time, if the equipment is abnormal, it should be as convenient as possible for maintenance and safety.

Fourth, in the process of aluminum alloy casting, try to ensure that the casting structure is relatively simple, which can make the processing and manufacturing more convenient. Only in this way can the production cost be reduced and the production efficiency be improved.

Fifthly, when using aluminum alloy casting equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the working temperature is at a proper temperature, and that the workpiece will not be deformed due to temperature.

These are the basic requirements for casting aluminum alloy. If these requirements are not met in the process of casting, it is easy to make the castings can not be used normally after casting. Therefore, the manufacturer must strictly comply with the requirements in the production process.