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In the process of casting aluminum alloy, heat treatment may be needed, because only after heat treatment can the forming effect be better. So, what are the characteristics of this heating treatment? Are all heat treatment options the same? Let us know.

Due to the large grain structure in the casting process of aluminum alloy, it needs a long time to carry out solution treatment on these grain structures in the casting process to ensure that the finished product is more ideal. However, because the melting temperature is close to the melting point of the low melting point crystal in the melting process, it is necessary to select a heating furnace and related instruments which are easy to control the temperature to monitor and adjust the temperature in order to ensure a better casting effect.

So, in all cases, is the selection of heat treatment method the same? In fact, it is not because of the different chemical composition of the aluminum alloy casting process. Therefore, in the process of heat treatment, it is natural to choose the appropriate heat treatment method in combination with the specific components, and there will be some differences in strengthening. Therefore, it is suggested to choose the right treatment method according to the heat treatment of castings. The characteristics of heat treatment of cast aluminum alloy and the specific processing methods. In order to ensure the casting effect, it is necessary to control the heating temperature and select the appropriate heat treatment method.