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ast aluminum alloy


Casting mainly includes aluminum alloy precision casting, ceramic mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting and EPC. It is the general term of the precision casting technology obtained by the precision casting method. Our products are reliable in performance and stable in quality, which are welcomed by users.

The common problems in casting aluminum alloy are porosity, crack, shrinkage cavity, shrinkage cavity, cold shut, etc. the porosity mainly includes invasive porosity, inclusion porosity, precipitation hole, internal reaction hole, external reaction hole, etc. find out the reasons. The causes of cracks are solidification mode and casting stress during solidification. When the liquid phase in the solidification zone is divided into isolated small molten pool by dendrite, shrinkage will appear in the later stage of solidification. The solution to this defect is to improve the liquid filling ability of liquid metal, including increasing pouring temperature, increasing mold temperature, improving exhaust table, etc.

Casting aluminum alloy manufacturer: Wuxi Mingnuo non ferrous metal manufacturing Co., Ltd. In order to achieve our quality policies and objectives, we will prepare to establish a quality system and improve quality standards in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system. Quality system. Through effective operation, improve the quality management level of our plant. We will continue to pursue quality, never-ending, and constantly improve the quality management system to meet customer requirements. The products are used in equipment manufacturing, chemical industry, pharmacy, electronics, light industry, textile, printing, military industry, shipbuilding and other industries.