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There are two problems in gravity casting aluminum, one is the cooling mode in the process of gravity casting, the other is the composition reason of porosity. If these two problems can be solved, the probability of gravity casting can be greatly reduced. In the process of gravity casting, there are certain requirements for mold temperature, so we attach great importance to the cooling method. The common cooling methods of gravity casting are natural cooling and forced cooling. Users can choose according to different conditions and requirements. At //h/

There are two ways to realize the forced cooling in the casting cooling, namely compressed air cooling and water cooling. If compressed air is used for cooling, the air shall be blown evenly on the surface of the mould without any loss, otherwise the service life of the mould will be affected, otherwise cracks and deformation will occur. One of the main reasons for porosity in gravity casting aluminum is improper cooling.

In addition, if there is shrinkage in the process of gravity casting, but the liquid metal can not be made up in time, the product will be loose. It may also be related to the mold. If the section size of the cavity or the direction of the internal sprue used in gravity casting is not correct, overheating and other problems will occur; while in the coating process, the type and thickness of the coating are not in accordance with the requirements, which will be the main reason for the porosity of the casting. We focus on mold R & D, planning and manufacturing. We are a professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy cast steel mold gravity casting, aluminum alloy casting, aluminum alloy gravity casting, aluminum alloy sand turning, aluminum alloy casting, aluminum alloy precision casting, sand turning casting mold, aluminum alloy die casting, aluminum alloy casting and T6 heat treatment.