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The composition of the alloy has a great influence on the structure and properties of the alloy. Direct reading spectrometer is widely used in the composition of conventional elements, which can quickly and accurately grasp the composition of the alloy. The addition of Ti, Zr, V and other trace elements to Al Si alloy can refine the grain, improve the fluidity, and refine the grain with feeding capacity, reduce the hot cracking tendency and electrochemical performance of the alloy. Mg in zll04 passes mg. The precipitation of Si in Al matrix has a significant strengthening effect on the alloy. By controlling the content of magnesium, good comprehensive properties such as plasticity and strength can be obtained. There are some harmful impurities in the chemical composition of aluminum alloy, including iron, tin, lead, calcium, etc., of which iron is the most important. These impurity elements can be introduced from the furnace charge in the alloy smelting process, or from the crucible or tool bag. Aluminum silicon alloy is mainly composed of aluminum. The silicon form appears. The Fe phase is hard brittle. Generally, it passes through the α phase grain in the form of coarse needle, weakens the matrix and reduces the properties of Al Si alloy. When there is iron phase in Al Si alloy.

The oxide film on the alloy surface will lose continuity, and the PI Fe phase precipitated at the grain boundary will also promote the electrochemical corrosion of Al Si alloy, thus reducing the corrosion resistance of the alloy and strictly controlling the Fe content in the alloy. For aluminum castings, H2 and metal oxide inclusions were removed by rotating nitrogen or inert gas, and flux was used to reduce the slag in the nozzle. In order to solve the problem of placing cold iron on the sand core by traditional beating method, it is found that the cold iron is placed on the sand core through analysis and test. This paper briefly introduces the new application of cold iron in lead table towel. It is the position where iron is directly embedded into the sand core when the aluminum casting is making the sand core.

The method of aluminum casting manufacturers is to place magnets on the sand core mold and hemp mouth. The magnets will absorb iron (iron or steel) on the mold to prevent the iron block from moving with the equipment. Sand shooting shall be prevented when moving. The water flow moves the location of lingtie to the location where Quchi brick iron is placed for cooling. In particular, the number of foot magnets and the size of Lali infants are determined by experiments and experience. The suction force of the magnet will cause the impact force of iron to attach to the core wrist of the magnet. The strength of the world is far greater than the strength limit of the core itself, and the core will appear; clear crack phenomenon and small magnet suction will make the cold iron move in the mold, and the mold will be very busy. In addition, the inertial guide iron produced by the movement of the core slides towards the parting surface of the die: IQ extrudes the die at the moment of die closing.