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发布日期:2020-01-10 09:40:25

What are the four stages of precipitation of aluminum alloy elements in the aging treatment of aluminum castings? The aluminum casting manufacturer will answer for you.

1. The atoms in the solid solution lattice recombine to form the enrichment region of solute atoms. With the increase of lattice distortion, the mechanical properties of the alloy increase and the electrical conductivity decreases. In order to prepare for the formation of metastable phase, the strength of the alloy is further improved.

3. The formation of metastable phase, also known as transition phase, combines with matrix, a large number of G-P region and forbidden phase to form the strength of aluminum alloy.

4. It forms the aggregation of the second phase particles and the second phase particles. The metastable phase changes to the stable phase, the fine particles are distributed in the grains, the coarser particles are distributed in the grain boundary, the second phase particles are clustered one after another, the lattice distortion is greatly weakened, the alloy strength is significantly reduced, and the plasticity of the alloy is improved.

These stages are not completely separate, sometimes they are carried out together. The second stage and the third stage of low temperature aging are relatively large, while the third and fourth stages of high temperature aging are relatively intensive.


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