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What are the measures to reduce and eliminate casting stress in gravity casting aluminum?2020-01-09
1. The stress of gravity casting aluminum can be divided into thermal stress and shrinkage stress according to the different causes.
What are the requirements for the production conditions of cast aluminum alloy?2020-01-09
If the aluminum alloy produces stronger products, the casting conditions must be met when casting. What are the requirements of these casting aluminum alloy production conditions? If there are reasonable production requirements, what kind of effect can be
Analysis of the relationship between manufacturing process and temperature and the preparation for treatment by the aluminum casting manufacturer2020-01-09
1. When the melting temperature of aluminum is too high, the reaction between iron crucible and zinc solution is accelerated, and the oxidation of iron on the crucible surface generates Fe2O3 and other oxides; iron also reacts with zinc solution to genera
What are the defects of gravity casting aluminum alloy?2020-01-09
Defect analysis of gravity casting aluminum alloy. Gravity casting of aluminum alloy is characterized by fluidity, shrinkage, heat, air tightness, casting stress and air absorption. The slag is mainly distributed on the upper surface of the casting, and t
What do you mean by casting aluminum alloy?2020-01-09
Maybe many people only know that there are many products in the market are made of cast aluminum alloy, but they don't know what the casting method is or what its characteristics are. So let's take a closer look at aluminum alloy castings.
Aluminum castings are easy to deform after heat treatment. What to do? Aluminum casting manufacturer answers for you2020-01-09
The heat treatment process of aluminum casting is divided into three stages: heating, heat preservation and cooling. The whole process of aluminum casting can be described by heating speed, heating temperature, holding time, cooling speed
How to mend defects in cast aluminum alloy2020-01-09
When defects inevitably appear in the processing of aluminum alloy castings, it is necessary to choose appropriate methods to deal with the defects, because only by dealing with the defects, can we ensure that the products will not be reworked due to qual
Aluminum casting manufacturer answers the cause of pitting2020-01-09
Pockmark is one of the common surface defects of investment aluminum castings, also known as pockmark, pockmark, oxidation pockmark, etc. Generally speaking, this kind of defect can not be repaired and can only be scrapped. It not only increases the produ
What are the process and characteristics of gravity casting aluminum alloy?2020-01-09
Gravity casting of aluminum alloy is a process of injecting aluminum liquid into the mold under the action of gravity of the earth. Gravity casting can be divided into sand casting, metal (steel) casting, lost foam casting and so on. The mould is made of
What are the production precautions of gravity cast aluminum?2020-01-09
Gravity casting aluminum is a common casting method in production. Its casting requirements are very strict. The aluminum castings produced are naturally very good in all respects. It is suitable for mechanical equipment and some precision instruments wit