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What are the methods of casting aluminum alloy and how to check its quality?2020-01-09
How to inspect the internal quality of aluminum casting manufacturers? In addition, will the quality of aluminum castings have a great impact on the performance of mechanical products?
What are the requirements for casting aluminum alloy?2020-01-09
If the quality of cast aluminum alloy wants to reach a relatively ideal state, it must be cast according to the requirements. In this case, what are the casting requirements for the production of these castings? Let's take a look at the specific requireme
What are the characteristics of gravity cast aluminum2020-01-09
Gravity casting is one of the casting methods of aluminum alloy. Many people don't know the characteristics of this casting method, nor what products it is suitable for. Therefore, we will make a solution for gravity casting. In fact,
What are the attractive features of aluminum casting for you2020-01-09
Aluminum casting has the advantages of low cost, good technology, remelting and saving resources and energy, so the application and development of this material will be endless. For example, the research and development of EAF duplex smelting process and
What should be paid attention to when casting aluminum alloy?2020-01-09
In the process of casting aluminum alloy, some problems can be avoided to the greatest extent by paying attention to the relevant problems. So what problems should be paid special attention to in the actual casting process? Now let's look at the specific
How to choose the aluminum alloy gravity casting shell?2020-01-09
Aluminum gravity casting can be divided into two types, one is multilayer, the other is solid, but at present, multilayer is widely used in the market. In the process of using, first immerse the module in the refractory, harden the refractory and dry it o
What are the causes and solutions of cold insulation in aluminum alloy casting?2020-01-09
The shape of the cold separator is the initial flow shape of the liquid. It's smooth and has a round edge. Therefore, in radiographs, the image is usually a band black line image with uniform width, no change and smooth. The width of the line looks larger
How to pour aluminum castings?2020-01-09
When pouring aluminum casting, the gate is coarser and easy to produce inclusions. How to pour aluminum casting? Let's learn from the aluminum casting manufacturers.
What are the advantages of aluminum alloy gravity casting process structure and performance2020-01-09
In the process of gravity casting aluminum, due to the complex shape of the casting, its casting mold is also different. Even for the same part, different casting processes are used, and the mold shape is often different. However, the gravity casting die
What are the causes of pinhole formation in aluminum alloy casting process?2020-01-09
Aluminum alloy casting process is the main preparation method of traditional aluminum alloy, but it is difficult to meet the needs of high-performance aluminum alloy casting.