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发布日期:2020-01-10 09:22:14

Many people may know that casting aluminum alloy is a popular casting method for parts at present, but few people know why you realize this method. In fact, you realize that the key to this method is that its own advantages are obvious, so what are these advantages?

1. The products it produces look beautiful. Moreover, the weight of the finished product is relatively light, and it can resist various corrosion conditions. Its durability is beyond question. Therefore, aluminum alloy castings have been widely used in automobile, aviation, power machinery and other industries.

2, Because the melting point of aluminum alloy castings is very low, the main methods used at present are pressure casting and metal casting. These methods can not only improve the internal quality of castings, but also make the size accuracy and surface of castings more smooth, which has obvious advantages in improving productivity.

3. Because the solidification time of aluminum liquid is longer than that of steel liquid and its fluidity is better, its advantages will be more obvious when casting some complex castings.

4. At present, casting aluminum alloys are still being innovating, and the production cost is also reduced from design, technology and so on. The commonly used methods are mainly one mold multi-purpose and automation technology. The above four advantages lie in.

This is reflected in. From the above advantages, we can see that its popularity is determined by its own characteristics. Therefore, if its own conditions allow, you can choose this way to cast the required parts.

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