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The die-casting process adopts the process of high-speed injection of aluminum into the die-casting die and pressure maintaining cooling forming, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, low cost, good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy. The disadvantages are also obvious: the mold cost is high, the density is not high, the internal structure is easy to produce shrinkage porosity and porosity, the internal porosity and slag hole are many (because a large amount of air is wrapped in the aluminum liquid to form porosity and slag hole during high-speed spraying), the mechanical strength and elongation are low (this is because the die-casting can not be strengthened by T6 heat treatment, nor can it be strengthened by T6 heat treatment, because of the internal structure There are many pores, and the low elongation is due to the high iron content of die-casting aluminum alloy, and the higher the iron content, the lower the elongation and poor air tightness. The shrinkage cavity and air hole of casting often need vacuum sealing. We also produce some products with complex inner cavity, such as teapot with small mouth and big stomach.

Gravity casting aluminum process adopts the process of slowly pouring molten aluminum into the casting mold and naturally cooling forming. The advantages and disadvantages are just the opposite of die casting. The product structure is complex and the internal structure is uniform and compact. Through good mold design

It can make the aluminum casting free of air hole and slag hole. The product can be strengthened by T6 heat treatment, and the final aluminum casting has high mechanical strength, good elongation and good air tightness.

Because we can't see the internal pores with naked eyes, we can use X-ray machine to carry out X-ray inspection on aluminum castings, and we can clearly see the internal conditions of aluminum alloy castings under X-ray.

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